Animation restarts on variable change

For a project I’m working on I created a simple Animation Blueprint that caches a few poses and then blends those based on some variables being read from the Character Blueprint. When I tested the set up just within the Animation Blueprint Editor everything works exactly how I would expect when I played around with the Anim Blueprint Variables. However, when I play it in game reading the variables from the Character Blueprint, whenever I update any of the variables all of the animations that are being cached inexplicably restart their animation loop. I’m wondering if there is something I’m missing to make it so that things function in game the same way as they do in the editor without the jitteriness of animations restarting on a variable change.

For reference here is a picture or my Anim Blueprint Event Graph that is simply grabbing my character blueprint and reading variables. And here is a video of me updating the variable in game to show that the animation continually resets.
In the video all I’m doing is checking and unchecking the isTalking bool which resets everything whenever I do that. If I do this same thing just using the Animation Blueprint Editor “Edit Preview” variable then the animation play will be continuous, which is what I want
2022-07-08 10-07-19.mkv (3.4 MB)

If anyone else is having a similar issue it seems to be that it is because I’m editing the variable via the Details panel, and that somehow resets the animations. If I change the variable via blueprint or sequence then everything works just fine.

TLDR - Touching the details panel during play will reset the Anim Blueprint animations.