Animation Replication

Hello, I seem to have run into a problem replicating animations. Let me give a little backstory, I have it setup where all 6 players control one hand. Each controller is assigned one finger by the server and ive got this working thus far. The issue I run into is replicating the animations when one of the clients registers input to one of the fingers. Lets say client 1 controls the pointer finger and clicks to press the pointer finger. That’s where I’m left off I cant figure out how to replicate this to the hands animation blueprint and have it show up for all clients when one of the clients presses a finger, if anyone has any tips or help all suggestions are greatly appreciated!


The first option that comes to my mind is to have the client tell the server that there is an animation to play and the server multicasts it to all the clients.
So, for example in your PlayerController, when the event that results in playing an animation triggers, you call a RunOnServer function named let’s say Server_PlayAnim(). This RPC (which runs on the server) will call another, called Multicast_PlayAnim(), which has to be marked as NetMulticast. This is the function that will run on each client, so play your animation here. Keep in mind, that PlayerControllers cannot execute NetMulticast events, so if you are doing it from the PlayerController, you will need to place the NetMulticast RPC in a class that is replicated to each client (like Character). If you prefer that way, you can create everything in the CharacterBP, it should work there as well.

I hope this will help you a bit!