Animation Replication

I have a bug with my shooter, i can look around perfectly but when i walk left or right the screen well… shakes, cllients cant sprint and crouch llike the server can, here ill add a video displaying the problem.

Didnt work, i just tried it,

Could you tell me how to do it maybe? im still kinda new to replicating animations :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey ppigmans,

You have to replicate the variables responsible for having your character crouch and aim.

As an example, if your Character sets a bool value to true when crouching that your Animation Blueprint uses to know when to blend between standing and crouching, other clients need to know of that change too. So make sure that the crouch bool (or whatever you use) is replicated and being set by the server (authority). This will replicate the variable to the other clients and they will know to change the Animation Blueprint as well.

You have to replicate it on the server. SwitchHasAuthority only checks for authority. It doesn’t call a RPC function from client->server.

i mean, the booleans are replicated, not onrepnotify’ed, so i thought it would work

It worked! HURRAY :smiley: thank you very much

Networking documentation

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[Networking Overview for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation][4]

I know this post is like 4 years old, but you guys are my friggen heros… I have like 5 separate attack types called by my ANIMBP, and I’ve been banging my face on my desk for like 4 hours until I stumbled onto this gem of a thread. This just opened a huge path in my project. Thanks guys.

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This is huge for me . Thank god I found something here .

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