Animation Re-targeting on Non-Humanoid meshes?


My next game is going to have a wolf as the player and I was wondering if it’s possible to make a reference rig to use since the only option I get is “Humanoid”

I have a set of wolf animations I got from the marketplace, what I was hoping to do is have the main rig for those wolves be the selectable rig, so then I can retarget those animations into my mesh (that has the same skeletal structure).

Any help would be appreciated

Look up how to create a custom rig.
I believe it’s a 2 click process where you select the skeleton rightlick and create the rig, however the docs will tell you exactly where that’s at.

After you’ve imported your non-humanoid character. Right click on it’s skeleton then Create -> Rig to create your custom rig. You can then set your options on it and it will show up in the retarget manager drop down list along with the default humanoid rig.

Thank you :smiley:

Then how would you re-target the animation after that? When i do it normally the target appears but now it doesnt

I’m struggling with this step as well, did you ever find a solution?

NVM, just found it, I’m an idiot. For anyone looking for a solution, just uncheck “Show Only Compatible Skeletons” after that select your skeleton and it works.

I just tried this for the first time. It seriously deformed my non-humanoid character. I created a rig for it and added all of the missing bones. Then I set the skeleton to Humanoid Rig. I did the same from the default mannequin, and retargeted the AnimBP to the non-humanoid (a little semi-humanoid robot). All of the anims it came with play normally. All of the retargeted anims maim the appearance of the character. It’s pretty funny to watch, but obviously not what I was going for. More research!