Animation question

I was wondering, on the fps shooter example. there is the character rig, then there is the fps arms rig for the gun. if i made new animations for just the arms, would it reflect to the character rig? or do i have to make two sets of the same animation. im just wondering how this works. and if there is a way to link the hand animations the the full character rigs arms. so the player and the other players see the same thing.

can’t say for sure but i think the rigs are different, but if you can then that would be done in your 3d program and not in ue4, i don’t think the re-targeting system would work with such different rigs, saying give it a try

i think your looking at it in a simple way, the 3rd person anims are a different set to the 1st person ones, what you could do/try is to have the same rig for both, this would mean the fps rig would have lots more bones than ness but thats up to you

maybe it would be a better idea, to start in the 3rd person template, and just change the camera to a fps point of view?