Animation question

Hi, I have FBX animations in one file, I would like to separate them into individual FBX animations. I understand that I can use the file as is but doing so can be problematic, is there a simple program or solution to separate them. From everything I have read there is no easy way.

If not, is there a good tutorial an using them from a single file?


Yes, theres a very easy way. Use Autodesk FBX Converter FREE

Or you could Use Ikinema Webanimate and export current take only.

Or you could use MotionBuilder to export just the take you want or when you save it seperates all the takes into seprate FBXS if you checkmark the save as seperate files option.

TY, trying Autodesk, never gives me the takes form the file when it put it in take manager, just keeps outputting single file, hmm, have to take a closer look. any goo d tutorials on using the animations in a single file?

Just go Save FBX, Then it asks if you want to save each take as a seperate file. Check that box.

TY. I put the original file in the converter and convert, then drag it to the FBX take manager, it never shows me the individual animations and when I try to save them as such, it only saves that same 1 file again. Followed the vid several. Any ideas.

select all before maybee