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Hi everyone!

I have a question about an animation for unreal, I’m making a fairground attraction that I have everything finished but I still need to animate the pendulum and I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know if in blender or in unreal, so what I want is that every time that you give a key to be faster or slower and then vice versa. Only the pendulum because for the rest it is made with its physics etc…

pendulum example: Gigant Maxx (Atracciones V.Bañuls) | Feria de Jerez 2022 - YouTube

If someone gives me a cable, do me a favor.

Hi @axelbyLOOL! Welcome to the forums! Welcome to the Forums!

Is your fairground attraction a skeleton? Do you already have your animations set up? If so, what you want is to use Blend Spaces! This will allow you to seamlessly blend between different animations idle → walking → running → sprinting etc. You can set up your various speeds and it can move between the different animation states. Here is the documentation and an awesome video on how to use them:

Unreal Engine Documentation: Blend Spaces in Animation Blueprints
BP 3rd Person Game: Blend Spaces | 07 | v4.8 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine

If you don’t have your animations set up already, I would highly suggest using the control rig to do so! Here’s a tutorial vid showcasing using the control rig to create animations for your models:

Using Control Rig in Unreal Engine

I hope the above solutions help!

more or less I already have it what happens that how do I move it with the keys and activate and deactivate that animation

Hey @axelbyLOOL!

There are a few ways to pull this off. First and foremost, you are going to need an Animation Blueprint. Here are the UE docs on those:

Unreal Engine Documentation: Animation Blueprints
Unreal Engine Documentation: Graphing in Animation Blueprints

From there you will set up your different animation states. The biggest factor is going to be your Transition Rules. Those are going to be your variables for switching states. Here are the UE docs on those as well:

Unreal Engine Documentation: Creating Transition Rules

I since you are setting up a system that allows you to speed up the ride into different states, rather than calculate the speed, I suggest getting a static number that can be used for transitions. Like so:


After that you would just need a blueprint to act as a controller and adjust your variable in your animation blueprint.

I hope the above solution works for you!