Animation Problems: (Character)

Character wont animate correctly. I’ve followed a animation tutorial on Ue4 Learn, using Animation Starter pack. After the long setup, my character refuses to sidestep, left or right. Crouch wont work either, even checked the Can Crouch.
And when I play test and close it, a window error pops up saying this:

Not sure what else to try. I’ve compared my setup to the tutorial over and over and found nothing wrong.

I had the same problem. I had post my question here

Could you post a picture of your setup -> especially what you use in your transitions :slight_smile:

Crouch Idle:

Idle to Walk:


Hard to say but trying to change a state using what is normally done as a cast is not really best practice.

Getting into and out of a state usually requires an argument than needs to be fulfilled before proceeding and a state based on ticks can change before argument A changes creating an error.

The error in human speak is saying “hay I looked for you variable but could not find it”

Place the cast into the main event and assign it to a variable will always cast to whatever and in most cases could be a Boolean “IsInAr?” and is always updated on the tick.


Promote to Variable so when added to the State Machine it’s forced to see what the current value is.

As how it reads the logic is asking the same question twice which usually results in the animation getting stuck inside the sate with no way to get out.

Really new to all this, and still cant quite understand what im doing wrong, I followed your instructions somewhat but didn’t follow some of it. The animation seems to work in some parts for instance, when I am walking, and hold C, I switch to crouch and the crouch walk BS is playing correctly. But when I stop pressing forward, the walk animation continues to play when crouched. When im idle and crouch, it plays the crouch idle which is correct accept when I press forward while crouched, it stays in a crouch idle state rather than switching to crouch walk BS. I looked over my Blueprints over and over but have found nothing different than the walkthrough I followed. So if anyone could help me with this issue, id be grateful. I have no other pictures to show besides the ones I posted above.