Animation problem

So my problem is that my animation keeps looping.

So what I want is to start an imported animation if a player comes in a trigger box and than after the animation that the mesh+animation dissapears so gets destroyed and never comes up again so (environment animation) except if you start the level or game again, how can I set it up?

What kind of animation are you talking about? is this on a skeletal mesh? is this just an actor in the world? can you post a picture of your graph?

It can be anything, for example for horror games, like toys that are moving are hair that’s coming from the closets or somebody running from 1 place to another to scare the player.

haha, creepy! No, I mean, are you talking about skeletal animation on a character, or are you moving objects with blueprint nodes?

I am talking about skeletal animations, so animated meshes from a software like blender, Maya, 3ds max,…