Animation Problem In Viewport During Gameplay Problem

Please Help me to fix that show me or tell me what to do to fix it???
when i look at the animations its doing it complete without problems but when i play and doing it in the viewport during gameplay its not doing it all the body except the legs working the only problem is the legs when its doing that animation the legs need to move but its not when it needs to. for example lets say jump kick and punch it will only do the punch animation cuse the legs not working but when i see it in animations its working all good but during gameplay its not working how i can fix that??? please help! and of course if i put the animation in the view port like ai character its playing the animation perfect but when i playing (Player Character) its not. help please and thanks
THE MEANING OF LEGS NOT MOVING: the legs dont do the animation that need to do!
but if i want to run or jump its working
(regular jump) (regular run)