Animation position Issues

Hello Everyone,

I have an animation that plays out and at the end the character is in a new position and then snaps back to the original position from when the animation starts. How can I make it so that the player will stay in the position where the animation ended and not snap back to the original position. I tried using the Root Motion options, but they seem to mess up the animation.

Looks like the issue is the Root Motion, I will play around with it to see if I can fix my issue. If anyone has advice please let me know!

Issue isn’t solved. I followed the tutorial in the documents on how to set up root motion. My animation does not play correctly. I made a video showing the different Root Motion Root Lock options.

This is aimed for the UE4 Community, I can’t seem to get my animation to play correctly using the Root Motion. Without it, My character leaves his capsule which causes him to unrealistically move back towards it after the animation is completed. Hope this isn’t money wasted!


If you’re viewing this and it’s blurry, I just posted it so it will take a few mins for the 720 or 1080p 60fps to show up.