Animation play rate.

Help a newbie get through the basics. I am starting a new 3rd person game project. After launching, I see the character running around the stage. Tell me how to change the animation playback speed by pressing a key? I need the character to run faster or slower.

Look into any Sprinting tutorial.
the gist is, make a key input.
tie it to the charactch’s capsule component movement speed.
theres aboit 10M ways to do it, so you either copy one or experiment on your own by dragging off the movement component (after dragging it to BP).

I know how to assign a key and I know how to change the speed of the character’s movement, but I don’t know how to change the speed of the animation. If I write Set Play Rate it doesn’t work.

It isn’t the proper way (look into speed warping) but you can expose the play rate of an animation and feed it a float variable.
Then you just need a way to control the variable. Perhaps a timeline ?

To expose the pin, go into the state machine and look on the panel on the right after clicking the animation.

I didn’t understand I need a screenshot. I need to do a basic simple thing. If LMB is pressed - animation run frame scale = 2.0. If LMB is released - animation run frame scale = 1.0.

Start by creating a float in animBP and making it change by the char input.

Then go into the statemachine for the animation you need to change. Click the animation, and look at the details panel (normally to the top right).

can’t find the info in the docs on this, so it probably needs a page created…

Now I understand, thanks