Animation play rate based on scale does not change play rate?

hey i have a bunch of animals. I scale them from 80% to 120%. Obviously I want the big ones to animate a bit slower and the small ones animate faster.

My impression is that I have to change the play rate on the begin event. I can change the global play rate manually on each of them, but the BP really should be able to do it by it self.

Does anyone know how come this one doesn’t work at all?

im setting for later use, so dont bother with the semantics, the syntax is correct? no?

Have you tried printing the value you get from GetCharacterScale to string to ensure it’s the correct value? Or even the value of AnimPlayRate? That would be the first step in figuring out where things are going wrong. =)

yes, and everything should be fine. Both scale and the play rate is picked up correctly.

i’m using the third p controller provided by epic. I have a feeling it interferes with the play rate. Does that sound possible?

If this is giving you too much trouble, you can instead plug a play rate variable to the animation nodes inside your anim graph. (expose the pin with the eye and plug your variable there)

i’d really prefer if -set play rate- actually worked.
exposing play rate on all animations inside a bp is not optimal, to say the least.

when setting -global play rate- manually on a character bp works — this node equivalent definitely should work as well.