Animation pipeline


A few questions coming from animation noob… and cannot afford to hire full 3d animator lol.

  1. As the picture above states, it seems that all I need is mixamo - how true is this? I have heard about mixamo many times, but never get to use them in the project. But there is this new project that requires me to have lots of custom animation, so I think I will give it a shot. The pipeline that I envision is this.
  • Create and rig character in Mixamo Fuse
  • And then apply the animation in mixamo
  • You can have also use IK to further customize the animation - I read that using IK, it is quite possible to have many new animations which is based on one basic animation. Is it true?
  • How easy/difficult it is to use mocap file into a rigged character?
  • I read quite a lot of ‘horror stories’ of using Daz3d and also IClone as they are quite expensive and laborious??

There are probably tons of wrong assumptions above, so please correct them. TQ for all responses!