Animation physics blending

Hi, I’m making an actor that goes ragdoll when something hits him. I’m using a capsule component, when something overlaps it the actor goes ragdoll. Then after 3 seconds delay he starts to get up (i’m using an animation montage to make it more realistic ) but If something overlap him while he’s getting up nothing happens and he finishes his animation. I tried to fix this by putting a check where if the overlapping is occurring while my actor is getting up he should simulate physics but he just ignores that. I put a print string and it appears when it should on the screen but the following nodes are not working, he just finish his animation instead of falling down.

Hi ,

I was able to play an animation montage and interrupt it with simulate physics just fine. How are you playing your montage? I may need to see more of your graph as there may be a logic error somewhere.
For my simple test I followed these steps on the event graph:

  1. created an event on collision that enabled “set all bodies below simulate physics”
  2. turn off simulate physics right before playing a montage (character standing)
  3. put in a delay that once again enabled physics to make sure I could rag doll during the montage (character standing)


Thank you for your answer.Here are some more screenshots,this is not all but is where my error probably is.Anyway can i see how you did that? My bp is quite huge and dirty (i’m quite new but probably you have already noticed it) and in this way I can make a comparison easily.

Above there’s the Go Ragdoll function that is called when overlapping

what I was doing differently from you was I simply played the montage directly from the skeletal mesh component rather than cast to anim BP. I noticed you are setting your blend weight to 1. That node shouldn’t be necessary unless you want varying degrees of physics simulated.

I’ll attach a screenshot of my setup (it was a quick test so I just have the trigger set to a button press and a delay to simulate the montage getting interrupted). Also note that the simulate physics node I used gets the same results as your node (Set all bodies below simulate physics).

I made a new project nad I managed to fix almost all my problems but how I can make him reset his animation state after finishing the animation (right now when he finish standing up he goes in a-pose )? I know how to do it with animation montage and I did it but when he should stands up he flies away in the sky and then falls on the ground again when he finishes the animation. So how I can reset his movements again? in advance

EDIT:fixed with set animation mode thank you again

Ahh, you need to pull off from mesh and get the set animation mode to use animation blueprint.


This will allow it to follow your animation BP again.