Animation Packs

I will soon be finished with the a few asset pack and will be staring some new ones.
I would like to know what animation packs that people will be interested in seeing?

Here is some samples of animations I have done

was also an animator for this game that is still in production

There’s a lot of basic movement stuff missing- like crouch, prone, or Zelda-style wall-climbing. There are a lot of purported “movement” packs out there, but only “Advanced Locomotion System” (ALS) is able to demonstrate in a video that the animations work together to create a functional controller. Lo-and-behold, ALS is the most-rated (and I assume most-purchased) asset on the marketplace.

I would like to see some Assassins’s Creed Style climbing and parkour animations

The marketplace lacks 3rd person animations, there are no packs around that are created for survival games, for basic combat, single/two handed weapons, fire touch and so on.

Animations for environmental interactions could be useful. Stuff like opening drawers, opening cupboards, opening chests, picking up objects from the floor, picking up objects from tables or shelves, putting your hand up against a wall next to you or in front of you, holding up an object (like, for example, a lamp), pulling and pushing objects, opening and closing doors in different ways, etc.

I’d also love to see a nice parkour animation set but the problem with that is creating animations in a way that makes them compatible with as many different potential control systems as possible so that’d be a bit of a challenge.

I reall love all this guys ideas, im more with @FrozenHarlqeuin 's idea but also basic combat as OverRated said, these kind of animations can be used in almost every 3d person game, so we all can take benefit.

Assassins’s Creed Style climbing and parkour animations would probably have to have custom movement systems, it would be hard to make work with other movement systems on the marketplace. regular wall movement wouldn’t be as hard (I just made and about to submit a 2.5D patformer wall movement system)

Keep the suggestions coming as there is some great stuff I could do already but would like to work on something that i highly requested

I would instantly buy some high quality third-person spear fighting animations.

I actually started one of them last year but scrapped what I had done, I will probably go back to it at some point

updated 1st post to have some samples of my animations

What I think is lacking in most animations pack is variation. Most of the time, there is always only one real variation of an animation (sometimes, there are multiple animations for the same action, but they can hardly be count as a variation). So what I would like to see for example (especcially when it comes to gesture animations) are animations of the same action, but made for different type of characters/moods. (when I say character here, I mean personality).
I hope this is clear.

As for the assassins creed like climbing and parkour animations: I dont think this is any different from common walk/run locomotion animations… And I think it’s very easily integrated into the Advanced Locmotion System (i didn’t look inside yet, though I bought it).

Any more suggestions? I have one last pack to submit so I will be able to start a pack very soon.

I have finished up the packs that I was working on. any final requests? I am thinking of doing a mixed pack with movement and interactions

Some Action movement would be cool. But not focused only on human characters. For example power slide a LA megaman but then for a third person character same for a “dash”(forward and side), slide from a wall, jumping over an object a la parcour style etc. there already is a lot of shooting etc animations on the market. A proper double jump etc. Basically more platform movement focused stuff instead of the usual FPS combat animations.

I have been working on a bunch of 2D platform game blueprint packs that contain some of the animations you would like and will be working on more over time, so I will more then likely do all the megaman style animations at some point.

this wall movement system has as slide on a wall animation