Animation Pack Question

Hey all.

I am currently preparing to produce an animation pack for unreal, and I was wondering what animations you would be interested in having? a number of different walk and run cycles? Idles? Combat?


We have plenty of walking, running, and idling already. Try dancing? Combat with a melee weapon that doesn’t have an animation pack yet? (Spears, halberds, etc.)

Spellcasting animations would be great in my opinion.

I think some animations for special traversal would be awesome.
Climbing, swinging. for people doing adventure games. (assassins creed climbing without the combat for example) :smiley:

An RPG pack with:

Shooting a bow, running and stationary. Kneeling behind an object while shooting bow.

Limping, crawling with injury, dragging oneself along while mortally wounded.

Diving roll, barrel roll, shoulder roll.

Falling to the ground in various uncontrolled stances.

Reaction to being struck with arrow in different parts of the body, staggering, making camp, bathing in a stream, reading a book, preparing a potion, filling a wall sconce with oil, kicking over a table, throwing a chair.

Sleeping in a bed, sleeping on the ground, building a campfire, opening chests and boxes with lids, large and small.

Dying in a number of gruesome and dramatic ways.

Eating from a bowl. Eating finger food, drinking. Several variations of each.

Looking down a well or shaft.

Bathing in a stream.

Looting a corpse.

Rolling a body off a parapet.

Obscene gestures.

Emote animations of all sorts.

Putting on and removing various sorts of clothes.

Being eaten by a grue.