Animation Pack Question

Hey all,

I’m in the process of creating an animation pack, and I was wondering what type of animations you would like to see in it? There are already a number of simple packs out there, and I thought I would get your input before I decide which animations to do.


An assassin pack would be good. I see a lot of people who want that. Melee assassinations and what-not.

Also a bow animation pack would be nice.

Right now the only way of getting “fantasy” animations (archer, assassin & mage) is going on the free Mixamo site. But it is not known by so many people and their animations are not compatible with the UE4 Skeleton if you’re on a free account.

So that means that an Archer prototype animation pack is imho the biggest priority for the Marketplace, followed along with a Mage prototype animation pack.

But that’s just my guess.

Good luck and have fun with your projects :slight_smile:

Archer and Mage animations are a really good idea so I might start on that. Any other suggestions?