Animation only playing on 1 client

Hello all i am currently having an issue where my animation is only playing on 1 client and it always seem to be the host one How do i make it so my animation plays across all server and clients ? i have checked Always Tick Pose and Refresh Bones is set so now im lost a little help please .

The server has to talk to the client too. So you need a second event and the server should talk to all the clients

I would be careful trying to replicate information from your animated blueprints (AnimInstance).

Instead, from your server event, create a multicast event and then get your anim instance class and set bSkill2 to apply the action on all clients.

Note: Ensure that you enable replicated from your class defaults.


Casting and checking the validity of the pawn / player controller each animation update is an extremely expensive way to go, especially for a networked game.

Your event “TellClientsToStart” is ran on Server, so unless “IsShootingProjectile” a replicated variable with a RepNotify function which calls some logic, you are not actually telling in the client anything.

At the moment you animation blueprint is asking the pawn owner “CanIStartYet?”, “CanIStartYet?”, “CanIStartYet?”, “CanIStartYet?”, when really you want the pawn owner to receive an event from the server that goes “Right, now I will find my animations and I will tell them to start”

I am glad you found a solution to your problem, but I would recommend you revist this code.

Good luck!

OK so i found a fix

Thanks for the feedback so now i removed the info from the AnimBp like you said i created a RepNotify Event Within that i get it to check if the bool is true if it is then execute a multicast event. Which i use in all my children BP’s of the master character where i can play a Anim Montage. Im not sure if this is the correct way but it works