Animation of a specific bone in Unreal Engine

Hello there,

I am totally new to Unreal Engine and I am working on my first project of a musical keyboard animation.

I have created the keyboard mesh in blender (one object) and created vertex groups for all keys. Each vertex group has a bone placed at the rotation point. I haven’t created any pose for the bone since I want to rotate the bone in Unreal Engine by incoming MIDI events.

Is this the right way? I want to script everything in Blueprint since I don’t have any experience with C++. Right now I can get MIDI data in and control stuff with that data, but I don’t know how to use the MIDI data to control the rotation of a specific bone.

I don’t expect a detailled answer, but is there someone who can briefly describe the way to do this in Blueprint?

Thanks a lot in advance…

You can use Poseable Mesh Component (not Skeletal Mesh Component!) → Set Bone Rotation by Name to rotate specific bone. Тhis is the simplest solution to your task.

Thanks a lot,

your answer pointed me into the right direction.