Animation notify not firing

I have a behavior tree which causes the character to play an attack animation.

Within the attack animation I have 2 animation notifies.

In the character’s animation blueprint, inside the animation graph, I have animation notify events.

However, for some reason those events aren’t being fired when the animation plays.

Any ideas?

Another thing I’ve noticed which may or may not be related, when I go to debug, it seems like new animation graphs are being generated whenever the character’s attack. Even if that was the case, the notify events should still be firing.

The animation is being called from a behavior tree rather than player input.

Make sure you’re not just playing the animation but the animation montage. That’s all I can think of…

check your blend times on the animations…it’s blending between two animations and it may be more 1 than the other at the time of the notify triggering…if you click the notify in the details panel you can check your notify trigger weight threshold… and notify trigger chance and make sure they didn’t accidentally get changed to 0 or something…

Hello did you ever find out why t he notifis where not going off?

had the same issue. So what happend on my end was, i renamed the notifer and if you do so, you also need to replace the notify event.

also i know, if you use an “sub anim graph” in 4.25 the notifers will not work too. hope it helps.