Animation Notify missing!!!

hello again guys, this is something which since i just recent changed my unreal from old version to the most new, i’ve not noticed it before because i was taking a time due to the covid and bla bla bla but now which i’m back to work and started to work on animations, i’ve noticed which my "animation editor panel is missing the options to add notify and curves all the stuffs, it’s only show the “tme line” and i can’t add anything, someone know how i can fix it???

here a image of my active bar:

here now a "regular one like how it used to look before:

why mine at top is not looking like that??? i’ve lost something in the "last updates???, someone can help me how to enable again the options??? currently i’,m lost without know how to add anything in this weird bar.

i’m still hoping someone can help me on that, i’m unable to apply some “effects” and improviment in part of my system because of that, i really need some help here in how to fix the “panel” to be able to add the stuffs back again

hmm interesting really thanks i’m really new to this new version and liked more the “old one”, it looked more “easy” because things where not “hidden” as this new one, thanks.