Animation Notify Firing Twice

Hello, my animation notify is firing twice, how can I fix this?

After I take one step with right foot the notifier triggers twice. I only have notifiers on one animation (run)

Hi there,
A quick fix: add a “do once” node before Play Sound. But a further investigation is needed.
Have you tried to check the return node to true?
Can you show an image of the how both feet are placed when the notify is triggered (at frame 3, I guess)?
Can you share more details about your animation?

Thank you for the response.

I have tried the do once as well as marking the return value to true. I have also attempted to add an is valid check for the mesh component; however, this also did not work.

These are the feet at frame 3.

I have made this work before in a previous project with the same animation and character but for some reason this time its not working.

I heard that I could check that my animation isn’t looping but im unsure on how to do this.

Note: this animation is from the marketplace

Thank you for clarifying. Is the animation playing correctly? Can you show you animation blueprint?

Here is the blendspace with the max axis value set to my max velocity. Walk-Run

My transition conditions are >= and <= I know they overlap because of the = but I dont think it will cause an issue

Hi, thank you for sharing. Usually, we define >= and <. Also, make sure your idle animation doesn’t have a footstep notify. That might be the reason. I can’t see why is triggering twice.

Nope it doesn’t have any.

Thank for the help anyways

If you examine the UE4’s third person template, the walking state starts only after 93, I believe you walking speed is too low.

I changed my speed to it has the correct pacing. I also tried doing this what you pointed out and making the limit the default value but this also didn’t change anything.

Maybe my guy just does the two step for a living

I’ll see if I can find anything that might help you.
Keep up the good work.

Thank you. Yeah I’ll definitely keep trying stuff

Answer Found!

I was using the same animation BP for both the character mesh as well as the clothing mesh. I could probably create another animation just for the clothing; however, I feel like I could just add a check to make sure the sound is only for the character mesh.

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Came here to suggest that. Also I’ve seen notifications fire when running in Editor, for the animation previewer. So… that’s a thing that i’ve seen, it may have been a long time ago though, like many versions back.

what i would consider doing is defining a Blueprint Interface, like BPI_Footsteps, and define a function in that like PlayFootsteps. Then in your Notify, you just do a MeshComp->GetOwner->Interface Call PlayFootsteps. Then in any actor that can play footsteps, you implement the BPI_Footsteps interface, create that PlayFootsteps function, and have it do the actual logic.

If your PlayerCharacter plays that animation, but doesn’t implement PlayFootsteps, then there’s nothing to call, so it just passes. But for your NPCs that do implement it, it will call that.


Great to know you’ve found the solution. Just a advice, you don’t need animation blueprint for the clothes, use “set master pose” in the construct script inside your character bop. Connect the main body mesh to new master pose, and cloth mesh to the target. With this setup, the main body drives the other meshes.

Keep up the good work.

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