Animation Notify Events? Do they exist in 4.18? Where are they?

Hi! I’m very new to unreal and I’ve been going through several basic tutorials to get my bearings with the software.
I’m using version 4.18.2
I’m following this tutorial playlist that says pre. 4.8, so it’s definitely a little different, but I’ve been able to cope so far.

But when trying to put an animation notify event into my animation blue print event graph, there is no option at all to add an animation notify event. What’s the deal here? Is there a new way to do this or is this a glitch?

You need to add the Notifies in your Animation Asset.
Animation Assets have a section for “Notifies” (located above the time bar)
Right click there and add a new Notify.
Save the Asset and your Skeleton. After that your Notify can be called in your AnimBlueprint.

Thanks. I already had notifies in my animation asset, but I figured out what the problem was. I hadn’t saved the animation or compiled my animation blueprint so the notify event wasn’t appearing.