Animation not repeating on key press, only happens once?

I’ve set up a basic attack animation bound to my left mouse click, following the tutorials posted on youtube. It functions just fine, but the problem is, my character only does his attack once. If I click left mouse again he won’t repeat the attack. Any idea how to solve this?

I’ve checked the character blueprint inputs and it is definitely recognizing my key inputs, it simply won’t repeat the animation. I’ve also tired editing the animation blueprint and making sure it is looping the same animation in order to get it to repeat but that doesn’t work either.

Alright I found the answer myself, in the key input of my character blueprint I forgot to untick the selection of the set node of my variable. I’ll just leave this here in case anyone else is searching for an answer to this.

Small note: For a single animation repeat or branch points are not necessary, you can just skip that entire part to have the animation play out.