Animation not importing on every bone

I’m running into an issue with unreal not importing part of my animation, I have my eye set to look off to the side during part of the animation in max

when imported into unreal everything animated except for the eye
so to work around it I added some movement curves to the animation in the animation editor

but in the actual editor viewport the eye still doesnt animate at all, nor does it animate in the blueprint editor or if I drag the animation directly into the world.

The eyes are controlled with regular bones, and every other bone is animating correctly

maybe you need to check the skin with your bone.
and check the version about your mesh in engine, maybe your mesh version is not as famalier with your mesh in Max.
what more, if your eye is controlled by regular bone but not the translator. the Curve maybe not effect on it, just lik Apple ARKIT
the animation curve cannot find regular bone.

what’s more, if you just find the curve is effect in editor, the animation will be controlled by different weight about old animation and new curve, if you make two different animation line, you can try to use blend with bone part in the animation blueprint.

I’ve re-exported everything just to be sure, the mesh in Unreal is the exact same as in Max and the skeleton asset shows exactly the same bones
When I reimport the animation into an empty Max scene I can see the eye bones animating properly
When I have the skeleton visible in the Unreal animation editor the eye bones don’t move at all

Check if you have export options for max that might trim the ends of bones (that’s usually the case with fingers not needing the last bone) If this is happening then maybe it is cutting out the eye information from the export.

that’s definitly interesting.
do you mind to give me the mesh and animation that i can check on my motion builder and max and UE?
if bones animating effective, but the mesh doesnot animate , i still think that the problem of skin(蒙皮). i got no idea about that word should be translate in to skin or what .
you’d better check the eyebone weight about the mesh, maybe your eye meshs were boned by other upper bone maybe.

Here are the files

Seems to be animating fine
You can see the eye movement around frame 88

Youtube upload with slowed down scrubbed start (unfortunately it cut off the timeline)

Exported from maya with FBX 2020.

  • Separate base mesh with no animation
  • second file skeleton animation only

Selected root bone + meshes then select hierarchy to get all child bones.

That’s so weird, they don’t animate at all on my end. I’ll try yanking all the uasset files and reimporting from scratch

sry about no reply cause many things to do last week.
Have you ever solve the problem yet?

Yes, sorry, yanking the uassets from the project and regenerating the skeleton from scratch fixed it.