Animation no collisions

I have an npc that goes ragdoll when he’s being hit by something like a moving actor but when he goes up if something hits him again while playing the get up animation the moving actor just clip through him… I tried to enable collisions before the animation start hoping that something would change, i also tried to put some print strings and I found out that when animation is playing he ignores completely collisions (printing on screen of boolean variable isHit just stops without saying true or false) but If I go close to him I can “feel” the collision capsule so actually collisions are enabled.I could try to do some other stuff but until my isHit variable is stuck I can’t do anything because it doesn’t result that npc is being hit

I know this is a very complicated issue and it’s hard to explain it here, sadly ,my blueprint is quite huge but i’ll be happy to post it if you need that.
Thanks in advance

A character has two components that can trigger collisions, the capsule component and the skeletal mesh component. If you reset the physics simulation on the skeletal mesh component you have to reattach the component to the capsule and tell it to ignore collisions with the capsule again.

ok I managed to fix the variable problems… but I need to know how to simulate physics interrupting an animation montage…I tried everything like telling the npc to go down if he’s hit while getting up, If i do that he first finishes his animation (there’s no way to interrupt it mid-way) and then he becomes ragdoll… I want him to interrupt his animation montage mid way (when he’s hit ) and concurrently going ragdoll