[Animation] Need help: ipisoft Mocap Studio to UE4

Hey guys,

i do totaly need help with iPi Mtion Studio 3. I’ve Created an animation, everything works fine, but when i want to import it to unreal, it says: “Failed to Create Asset”. I’ve tried every rig that comes with ipi, nothing works. I even tried to retarget it inside ipi, wich results in a incredibly large character that seems to glitch up. Does anybody now how to solve that?

Thanks in advance!

Actually we have the same problem and we are considering to drop iPi Studio.
There seems no way to export only the iPi Skeleton to Unreal Engine 4, so it’s also impossibile to use the manual animation retargeter included in UE4.

I think the only way is to use a software like Motion Builder, I will have to try.