animation morphs target direct in sequencer

Hi. Is it possible that in future versions in Unreal engine 4 to add direct access to the animation morph target of skeletal mesh in the sequencer menu? And what options are there now to do this in the sequencer. What tools through?

It’s a little heavy handed but you can use a proxy variable and drive the morph via you AnimBP’s Update Animation event.

In your ABP create a float variable and make sure it’s exposed to cinematics. Then update the morph value.

Obviously make sure the AnimBP is assigned to your Character in the level.

Then in your Sequence timeline

  • Drag in you your Character.
  • Add tracks for Skeletal Mesh Component -> Animation BluePrint -> Exposed variable

Then drive it via a curve as normal. The morph won’t play back when scrubbing, but it will when you “play” your level.



Thank you very much!

Hi again. Tested this variant of animation morph targets in sequencer. It is not real comfortable but this is not the worst. I also started using a new hair groom system, unfortunately, it does not respond to geometry changes from animating morphs through this way of animation. I think that it’s important to add the work with morphs directly to the functionality of the sequencer

This post got me further than previously which is great. I have managed to get the anim blueprint working (sliding the public/Expose to Cinematics variable changes the morph target), but I can’t seem to access this IN sequencer. I’ve added the skeletalMeshComponent0…but my blueprint is not available for it to add as a track

Is there any way I can make sure that the animblueprint is applied correctly (the mesh has the blueprint available to it…from what I can tell)…and is there anything I can do that might improve the chances of seeing the animblueprint as a track on the skeletalmesh component?

Just a quick note on this one - if you hit "expose to cinematics’ on the ABP morph variable, it shows up:)

If you use ‘On Live Link Updated’ you don’t need to use a construction script and it will update when you scrub in the sequencer.

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