Animation Montages Removing Redundant Animation Keys - How do I stop this?

I import all my animations with the “Remove Redundant Keys” option left unchecked. This is because if I don’t, the engine will cut beginning and ending keys that are implemented simply to provide a pause in that animation.
Well, when I look at my animations themselves in Unreal, everything looks to be in order. However, when I drop one of those animations into a montage, THAT seems to remove redundant keys; I come to this conclusion because a lot of my beginning and ending frames have been cut out of the animations in the montage.
It’s rather frustrating as I haven’t found anything that would suggest someone else has had this issue and resolved it. I’d appreciate any help figuring this out.

Clear example of what I’m talking about:

The more I look at it, the more I realize the full animation may actually be there…but I’m still left confused because the math in the montage frames doesn’t add up to the full sum of frames between all of the animations it contains. So if someone can still demystify that for me, I’d be grateful.