Animation Montages problem 4.7

Im having trouble getting multiple Animation montages to work in the character animation blueprint. I know this was a problem in earlier
Unreal version but im currently using Unreal 4.7 but still having trouble. The animations dont play but the idle/walk/run/jump animations still work
53335b408491c8a1f5b03983c5ddf220c8f90879.png FlynnAnimGraph.png 60d81b94aeb97eb6c48fddac02630ca90af41124.jpeg 4ca9b8ad15647383d703b2e3f0fcdbbaab125522.jpeg FlynnSM.jpg

Do you mean that it doesnt go to the next montage section or is it not playing at all? :slight_smile:
section -> montage set next section -> you have to choose the montage (where you can see “select asset”)

not playing at all

Ok, let’s go through some stuff:

-make sure that you have added the right bone name to your layered blend per bone node
-disconnect all montages and go through it step by step (so the first montage, then the 2nd one,…)
-are your slots correct? (right slot name,…) :slight_smile:

dee239992d6f1b517cd0ca64b4a09556c38bd3bb.jpegHi i started from scratch again following the tutorial, but im still only getting one animation to work at a timea1.jpgcff2e6702d962bc5704e899ca38e0ae639fea001.jpega3.jpga4.jpga5.jpg3c92a2eecede5b236290714dd6c362f9db009523.jpeg