Animation Montage with Play Rate -1 not playing

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a montage
  • Call it from the ThirdPersonCharacter BP with a play rate of -1 (Sorry don’t tested it if it works directly in the anim bp)

Result: Montage isn’t playing and OnMontageEnded will be called directly.

Here link is a link to the issues page where the bug is marked as fixed, but the updated description bug isnt fixed.

Hi Doktor,

Following the repro steps posted for UE-12219, I could not reproduce the specific reported issue in that in UE 4.12.5 with either an Anim Asset or Montage.

If you are reporting a different issue with the AnimMontage not playing, please provide a few more complete/concise repro steps.


I uploaded a project here. Just press P for playing the montage with play rate 1 and L for -1
The result is that P is playing it correctly and with L its directly stopping

inside the project i created a simple montage and added some functionality into the thirdpersoncharacter bp

Hey Doktor,

Thanks for providing the sample project. While this is not the same issue reported in UE-12219, I’ve used this to generate the following new bug report which is publicly visible for tracking purposes: UE-34168.


This issue has been resolved for a future release of the engine