Animation montage notify wont react

Hello guys!

I have a problem with Animation montage notify.
I think BP looks fine, separate animations can successfully start events, but have a problem in Anim montage notify - nothing is happened when using it
I’m using Unreal Engine version 4.10.2
Everything is working in unreal engine 4.9

Please pay attention to my problem .


what is triggering the notify event?

Hello - can you please try using the ANimNotifies in the appropriate animations you have WITHIN the montage, and not inside of hte montage itself… this is how i’ve used my AnimNotifies and they work perfectly.

Let me know how that goes!

If Notify is on animation and when Im trying to put such animation in montage, you get situation that event dont working. It events Works only in animation without the montage. What Im doing worng?

Please guys ask me for extra Info if you think that Im puted not enough information here.

I founded the way! I creation dynamical montages in real time and events is working.