Animation Montage not playing

Hello all, I’m working on an animation montage that runs on a keypress, the event is bound to a bool on the characterBP that turns true when this happens, then on the animBP I check on this var to run a montage on the “UpperBody” slot, I have set the blend layer per bone to match this blend between animations.

Now I have gotten so far as to know that my animaton does run, I came to this conclusion because I placed an animation notify in the middle of the montage and checked on this notify on the animBP to confirm it was indeed fired, but for some reason the animation is not being displayed, my guess is that for some reason my Idle_walk_run blend is overriding my montage, can someone help?.

Images here

I found the problem, the bone name in the layered blend per bone was not set, so the blending was not working.