Animation Montage not playing.. (not the usual reasons, I believe)

So to explain a little before I get into the problem, I’m creating a prototype for a game concept. The main character has 2 forms (Meshes), human - knight pelegrine and monster - warrok kurniawan. The meshes will be set to invisible and visible on a button press by the player. I’m trying to give a system to chain attacks when in monster form. The code would play an animation montage according to a set of nodes like this:

I’ve checked the slot (made one called “Body”). and used that slot for all the animation montages i needed to use. Like this:

and here’s one of the montages i’m using:


I believe that the animation montages aren’t playing because there are 2 meshes for the same character and the character is trying to play the animation with both meshes (maybe). Even if this is the issue i don’t see why the mesh for the monster doesn’t do the animation. If there is any way to fix this by not changing the main character Blueprint (maybe splitting the 2 characters into 2 blueprints) that I have I would really love to know. I have a important time constraint (1 and a half weeks from today = 9th December 2016 would be the last day) as well so if i can get a reply quickly it would be best.

Don’t use an animation montage in the player blueprint. Instead create an animation blueprint that can be selected from your player blueprint assets section. This is the proper way Unreal wants you do ingame pawn animations. There are several tutorials on youtube about setting up and using Animation Blueprints and sharing triggers from the player controller to the animation blueprint to start the animations.

With the help from some discussions with a few people, i was able to fix it so that the monster character played the animation montage i needed it to play.


I exchanged the mesh (inherited) with mesh of the monster and the other skeletal mesh I made it as the human (it was reversed before). This allowed the monster anim montages to play without a problem, but the reason i call this temporary is that if there were then anim montages that the human character (mesh) had to play it wouldn’t work since the mesh (inherited) is the now the monster not the human as it was before.

Alternatively, later I’d have to create separate blueprints for the 2 characters, when i get the time, and there shouldn’t be any problem if that is done.