Animation Montage not being played

Hi Guys,

I was following this great live training about character animation Character Animation in UE4 | Live Training | Unreal Engine Livestream - YouTube but I stumble upon big problem with is animation montage. So basically I was doing everything as shown in the video but for some reason my animation montage doesnt play when i hit right mouse button.

Now technical details, all components (animation blueprint, montage, blend space) are using same skeleton, montage animation is using correct slot. I was trying with different animations but they also didnt work. However when im using “play animation” in my character blueprint everything is working fine. So i guess the problem must be in animation graph.

Its probably some stupid mistake that I made and i need a little help.
Thanks for any suggestion.

Seems like you took care of all steps. One thing that comes to mind is: Have you checked you indeed use the same skeleton asset? I remember I had a similar issue once, and it turned out that the character was using a different copy of the same skeleton (so essentially the same file in a different folder in the content browser).

Hi, thanks for the answer. I’ve created everything form scrach, new blueprint, blend space and montage put them in the same folder where animations are. Rename all the assets (skeleton, skeleton mesh, physical mesh) just to be sure that thera are no unnecessary copies, and unfortunately that didn’t fix the problem. “Play animation montage” is still not working but “play animation” is fine.

Any other ideas? I was also trying to manipulate blend time in animaton montage I’ve read somwhere that it could help, but not in my case.

Somethig else that came to my mind:

When you hover over your animation BP in the content browser, what target skeleton is indicated? Is it the right one?

What is the parent of your animation blueprint, anim instance?