Animation Montage Limits

Are there any resource constraints on putting a large number of animations in a single animation montage? I was thinking of putting dozens or over 100 animations in a single montage. Each animation with its own segment or divided into multiple segments. That way I could jump between the animations in any order at runtime.

I’d like to know if the montage will consume resources just for the currently playing segment or will it be wasting memory or causing issues due to the large number of other animations in the montage? Ever done something like this?

In theory it should work but in practice could become unmanageable as the number of animation clips grow.

Then there is this.

So with a montage you would not be able to index with in the montage to preform a layered blend for example as the moment you call a different track whatever state the montage is preforming and needs to be blended will be reset.

As for doing something like this an idea I’m still working on is based on the idea of getting rid of the evil that is the state machine and drive everything through the animgraph using matched sets of blend spaces making it 100% data driven.

Behind the scene concept videos so don’t expect production values.
In theory constructing “matched” blend spaces can be matched, work as intended over a network, and can be layered in the animgraph with out having to build a state machine using individual clips (which I’m assuming that is your intent and reasoning )

Fyi … there is a recently added size mapper function in the editor. Right click on any asset and select “Size Map”. It will give details of memory consumption. Very insightful, works on montages too. At a glance it looks like large montages take a fraction of the memory required for many static assets with 2k-4k maps. Ofcourse it doesn’t answer everything, will just have to try it out.