Animation Montage Issue

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this issue im having,

Im trying to set up a melee blocking system in UE5

Im using Blueprint interfaces for interaction between attacking and defending players, and mostly everything is working pretty well

However, in the interface for getting blocked, only my print node is firing, not the get blocked animation montage like its supposed to.

Im not sure why this is happening, because the interface is definitely firing, its giving me the print node inside it

here is all I can think of, maybe since it is a blueprint interface initiated by a different blueprint interface its not working correctly?

With a single interface animation montages work fine, the character doing the blocking gets an animation montage played by blueprint interface.

I also thought maybe the animation I was trying to stop wasnt able to be stopped, but if I put the animation blueprint message on a button instead (I put it on the K key) it will play the animation, and cancel the sword swing animation as it should, this also rules out the blend in and out time in the montage being the issue

So now I just need to figure out why the blueprint interface activated from hitting a blocking enemy fires, but doesn’t play the animation montage.

If anyone has any solutions or suggestions, please let me know, this is like the last hurdle I have for my melee blocking setup right now

heres some pics of it set up, and the log file that shows the blueprint interface print node firing “you were blocked…”

I am using an actor called “TestDefender” to test how the hits interacting works. its essentially just 2 spheres, one is a hitbox, one is the actual “character”

if u need any other info let me know! thanks for the help!