Animation montage has a wrong rotation by 90 degrees

Hey Community,

I’m using some animations from the marketplace made by Kubold

They are working good and I didnt have any problems on my AnimGraph so far.

But now I want to put the “Fist Punch” into a Animation Montage and play it via Blueprint as an auto attack. Logic is fine and working but the montage is playing the animation 90 degrees to the wrong side.

The Skeletal Mesh seems to be fine (it’s the original UE4 Dummy Model) and the directions seem to be fine as well.

I’m using Root Motion animations inside the Animation Montage.
And this bug seems only to appears on Replication. Normal animations (no Root Motion) are not played at all. Maybe someone can tell me why? But that’s not my problem for now.

So I guess I did something wrong on the Animation Montage. I’m in office for now, so I can’t post any screenshots. Maybe some of you guys already know the issue or even the solution.

Thanks & Cheers

Hi! Infiltrator, did you manage to resolve this issue? I have similar problem.

Bro, just go to your animation (not animation montage) and there in additive settings, set additive anim type to Local Space and set the base pose type to Selected Animations Frame, and there select your animation, which is the same but you have to select. And that’s all.