Animation montage for HQ mannequin UE4.8.3

Hi guys, here screanshots of blueprint setup
and actual 3rd person test project
why anim montage play works weird, but play animation - just fine. Looks like somethis bad happened to mannequin rig
can someone please explain how to fix that rig issue

Yep there’s something wrong with the current mannequin and I think the number of threads would increase until this “minor” bug (UE-17137, UE-19659) would get fixed :slight_smile:

I don’t have a solution but I’m using a skeleton without any IK bones (at least no exported ones) and found a workaround for me via ‘unparent’ spine_01, thigh_l and thigh_r from an export of all 6 anims from the third person template of the new bugged mannequin anims (4.8) and ‘parent’ those bones on top of the pelvis bone of an export of the same anims of the old blue guy (4.6, 4.7) to keep the anims of those 2 bones from the blue guy (which are pretty similar to the new ones - e.g. running or walking) and merge it together with my modifications based on the new mannequin with MayaLT.

Until this is fixed, you will experience this issue only when mixing animations from the Third Person Project and the Animation Starter Pack due to the way the IK bones were constrained in the 3D program. For now, you can stick to animations of the same set, or use a workaround like Neutronux has described above. -This is slotted to be fixed in a near-future release of the engine.

i face same issue when use A.R.T tool

Turns out problem in Indie/run/jump… all basic animations which comes with UE4 mannequin, to fix it i import animation into character with ART tool and export from there, if someone need it message me and i would send u a copy.