Animation Montage breaks animation

I have 2 firing animations, one for aiming and one from the hip. Looking at the animation montage in the editor it looks fine and the animation is playing as intended, but when i go to play it in game the animation breaks as the left hand thats holding the rifle moves inward and is jerky and the animation doesnt seem to play like its suppose to. When i play the animation outside of the animation montage it plays perfectly. I have tried every setting i can think of without luck and same thing with blending. In the animation blueprint I have ran just the slot to the output pose with the same result as well. It seems to be the montage causing the issue.

AnimBP Settings:

Issue: Screen capture - 275fe30f1bba130f473f119179981c1d - Gyazo

well, you have no default pose, so the none blending can’t work correctly.
you may just be blending into a t pose.

Use shodwdebug animation to determine the blend% and other information on what it is you are seeing.

Keep in mymind that the drift issue could be caused by order of operarion.
Like having an aim offset occur after a root bone rotation.

Still having the same issue. Its only showing the FireADS animation playing from the montage which is correct whenever i shoot. Out of curiosity i put the FireADS animation as the default pose for the blend node as well with the same result. My 1911 animation montage works just fine, for some reason its only the M1 carbine thats giving me trouble. heres the debug animation:

Look at the bottom of the footage. You have 2 poses/animations blending in.
it could be the montage is not correctly setup.

it should since im performing idle/aiming animations while playing the corresponding montage (such as aiming animation loop with aiming fire animation ontop of it). just remade the animation montage with the same result, 0 clue whats going on.

Hang on.
in the video, were you purpously triggering the aim, or what is the expected montage?

I’m assuming the montage would just be a steady aim animation.
so the white lines flickering on and off at the bottom are incorrect… you shouldn’t be seeing anything like that if all you are doing is aiming.

If you are triggering aim on and off, then yes, that would be expected.

If the aim montage is accidentally a “fire” montage, or if you were actually firing in the video, then yes that would also be expected.

i was purposly triggering the aim and the shooting. so in my state machine (named M1Carbine in the first image) i have a simple state for the idle animation (just holding the rifle/at the hip) and a state for aiming (looking down the sights). then in my montage i have 2 animations for shooting (ignore the reload animation), 1 is for shooting while aiming down the sights, and the other one is for shooting from the hip. they all play correctly in my 1911 but not in the M1Carbine. they play but they bug out

If you are shooting, the video looks accurate mostly (fire rate on a full auto carabine isn’t that good).
the left hand moving is likely a result of the montage.

Are you using hand IK? If the gun move and the hand ik is in use, the hand will move along.
it seems like the shift is about the same as the bolt…

no IK setup, just a straight animation. its something in the montage, playing it outside of the montage is perfect