Animation Manipulation.

So i have this animation where character walks in front. I reversed it to make it go backwards as well. With Dope Sheet. Is there anyway i can manipulate animation to make it walk sideways and then reverse it to go other way?

You’ll have to animate one of the sideways walks yourself in your animation program, just as you did for the first walk you made.

Then you duplicate the animation, then mirror the poses as you go down the timeline to make them walk the opposite way, but the details of how you do that depends on what software you’re using to create the animations. All of this (to my knowledge) has to be done before you bring your assets into UE4.

Actually I’d recommend animating each direction separately. Honestly, you can tell that when an animation is just running backwards and it looks like ****. Your center of balance is totally different depending on which direction you’re moving in and it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to ‘run’ sideways the way the UE4 character does. Our hips just don’t swivel like that. When you ‘run’ sideways one foot crosses in front of the other on one step then behind on the next step. But they stay pointed towards the front. That’s actually easier to animate than a walk cycle. But you only need 3 steps for each animation (right-left-right) so it’s not like it takes forever.