Animation looks good in animation editor but in game it's off

Hi, I’m using unreal engine 4.18 and having an animation problem. I’m also using the animation starter pack. When my character is holding the AR15 it’s left hand is not grabbing the gun close enough. I opened up the animation and moved the characters arm to make it look right, then I saved it. When I play the game it’s still off looking wrong like no changes were saved. Does anyone know why this is happening? I hit the save button lots so I have no clue. Thanks

In-game result:

In editor view:

I don’t think that, if you change a bone position in the animation editor, you will affect the entire animation.
Use inverse kinematic instead to position the hand correctly.

The problem is caused due to the interpolation of the key posing between the left and right hands going from 90 degrees up,down,left and right that needs to be based on a Bezier curve, using a blend space, instead of positioning in a straight line. The best practice fix is to use a two bone IK and link the left hand to the weapon which works great unless you don’t want to use IK.

A fix is to create about 20 adjustment poses for pitch and yaw which will shorten and fix the curving to being absolute.

Another option in 4.19 you can convert an animation sequence to Single Frame Animation and input your aim offset as absolute once again.

Thanks guys