Animation like rdr2 in Unreal engine

Hi all, I have a question!

Will we be able to somehow make the same realistic animations as in rdr 2 without having millions of money and hundreds of animators?

As we know, rdr 2 animations use muscle simulation, and so on.

Can we do that in the Unreal engine?

Maybe you know good tools or plugins for procedural Animation and Simulations of muscles and others, whether it’s paid or not. Maybe you know such projects are in development?

I’m really wondering if ordinary people, animators, will be able to make the same animations as in rdr games.

Just mocap all the way.

If you are talking about adjustments - IK does it.
There’s no need for “muscle simulation” or anything fancy of you set the controls of the IK right.

Ragdolling is a bit harder. Obviously. But if you set the rigidity of the components appropriately you get excellent results in both physx and chaos.

So is dynamic animations that respond to the environment - but rdr2 doesn’t do any of that.

What you need to manicure extensively is the mesh itself.

If you add joint driven morph targets you can correct 99% of the mocap stuff from getting the usual candy wrap or any other linear bone skinning derived artifacts.
In fact, those morphs could even correct the ragdolling.

So it can be done in ue5? Do I need to use Blueprint or C++?

Look at the court, I want to achieve the same level, it’s done in unity using a neural network, how do I do it in ue5? What do I need to do? Ue5 doesn’t support neural networks out of the box, but there seems to be a plugin, although maybe it can be done without AI, but just procedural Animation in real time like euphoria or something similar.

Superflous stuff.

Start with getting yourself the best motion capture stuff you can get.
– NO shame in booking a professional studio for it.

Proceed to getting a mesh with all the bells and whistles that corrects distortions common from linear bone skinning.

After you have the good base stuff you can do predictive motion all you want with simple physics based logic.
There’s an old thread on here called Motion Matching that explores most of the basics of this.

For stuff like martial arts hit and hit react, physics based animation is all you really need. Even without layering it on top of a motion capture hit reaction you’ll still get realistic and acceptable results.

Sure, maybe it’s not “as cool” as having stuff be “fully dynamic” - but if you want it to look good you can’t rely on anything that isn’t carefully managed.

If that plugin is free and you don’t want to spend money on motion capture, you can probably use that to produce the base animations to use elsewhere right from unity.
Data is data is (Brent Spiner er… no. Data.)
So once you have Data you can move it to wherever else…

I would like to make an analogue of euphoria as in the rockstar games, namely an analogue for ue5. With unreal engine 5 physics.

Euphoria wiki: Euphoria - Wikipedia(software

If you read wiki euphoria, you will understand that I want to make an analogue for ue5, I need a team, I think I will have money for this, but I don’t even know what kind of people are needed for this yet. Animators? Physics…

Euphoria: Euphoria was a game animation middleware created by NaturalMotion based on Dynamic Motion Synthesis, NaturalMotion’s proprietary technology for animating 3D characters on-the-fly “based on a full simulation of the 3D character, including body, muscles and motor nervous system”.[2] Instead of using predefined animations, the characters’ actions and reactions are synthesized in real-time; they are different every time, even when replaying the same scene. While it is common for current video games to use limp “ragdolls” for animations generated on the fly, Euphoria employed a more complex method to animate the entirety of physically bound objects within the game environment

You need a full team of smart developers - and good animators to boot.

Euphoria is just glorified randomness - works really well, but it’s nothing that cannot be replicated by intelligent people.

Still, this has nothing to do with your original question.
One thing is animations, another entirely is the adaptation of animations to a specific situation.

To answer the other sly questions.
No, if you are making something like Euphoria you wouldn’t be making it in blueprint.
You’d probably be making it as an external SDK so you aren’t tied down to Unreal Engine…

Perhaps this is not how I originally said my thought, I am still wondering if it is possible to make an analogue of euphoria, where I can find people? Maybe some site? Or a team? I’m wondering what this will look like in ue/sdk. So I’m planning this, but I don’t know where to look for such people, sites, everything is not clear yet, I think you can help me with the search?

Of course, for now, we need to see the full version of the ue5 in 2022. And to find out what news animations will give us and what people will do with them, maybe someone will make some good analogue of procedural Animation, I don’t know. But I’ll still be looking at what can be done to create an analogue of Euphoria, but I don’t know where to look for developers, on which sites there are more of them for my ideas…

All I want is to see who or how you can do the same procedural Animation and procedural ragdoll as in rdr2 just for ue5. What kind of people do I need to do that.

You can probably do it your self.

Look at the physical animation component.

There’s a couple of live training on ragdolling and physical animations that explain what the engine can do with vert minimal effort.
Literally watch and follow along to get some results.

Re the rest.
The forum does have a section for you to seek team members and such.
Before you do, here or on anything else, do yourself a favor and set up a proper business plan.

You have an idea, and resources to get it done.
That’s great, but it isn’t all you need.

If you want to seriously find people to work with, you need to be serious about what you are asking. IMHO at least.

Thank, I have to wait for the full version of ue5, and wait some more time to see what people will do for the animation. You’re saying the right thoughts.

Do you know the sites where I can find developers for my idea? I don’t know much about freelancing sites or other similar ones.

Generally speaking, freelancer websites are all trash - more intent on making a buck for the referral than in actually doing what they are meant for.

The only real exception I know of is, except this is from years back.
And even years back, finding someone competent enough for things is hard.

Most people who are competent have no need to use these sites for work…
Particularly in the game industry.

I myself used upwork for a spell. In both roles. Provider and seeker.
They are one of the ones more intent on making money than on backing up their claims about getting stuff done right.

From the seeker side competition is fierce with Indian companies dealing out penny quality work for 2 pennies.
The website takes a large cut of the initial work order, and of anything you make from the same person going forward.
They make it look like they protect you from not getting paid. They don’t.
There’s a lot of scammers on both sides of the medal.

From the provider side: Sure, 2 pennies are cheaper than what other people will bid. But the quality you are given is only worth a penny, if even.
Plus there’s the language barrier for most of them, and it’s often used as an excuse to call something ‘complete’ when it isn’t.
Fortunately, if you create proper documentation you can force people to actually finish work before getting paid. Not that this helps, since forcing people to do something results in work that’s worth maybe a fraction of a penny.

That’s all I got. That and:

Distrust all “freelance” websites and people you find on them (or on here too, there’s known scammers reported on forum posts :wink:) in principle.
Cover your investment with solid contracts and documentation.
Check their skill levels over a phone or even better a screen sharing interview.
It’s usually impossible to know stuff - like when they have no idea of how to use Visual Studio, or whatever program you require - when you are being asked to explain it live by pointing things out with the mouse pointer.
Something as simple as “where can I find the levels pallet” would be able to tell you if they know the engine or not for instance.