Animation Layer Input Pose Node missing. Output Pose Node disappears

Hi. I am not sure what’s wrong. I hope someone can help.

My problem is: When I create another animation layer in my blueprint everything works fine. As soon as I add Input Poses to my animation layer the view bugs out. The input pose node is missing and the output pose node disappears…

For example: I have an animation layer BasePose and another OverlayPose. Now I’d like to feed the output pose of the two animation layers into another animation layer called BlendPose. But it is not working…

Using unreal 4.27…

Edit: Well I found the input and output pose… The input node spawns really far away from the output pose… There is no Chance to ever connect those two nodes… is there a way (maybe a key) to bring the nodes closer together??

Usually, copy and paste.
It’s supposed to paste at the cursor location. In theory.

Can you screenshot what you are trying to do?

Sure I can provide some screenshots.

First image: Basic setup

Second Image: Inside the animation layer you can see, that the nodes are added but they are so far away from the Output Pose Node that it is absolutely impossible to drag and drop those nodes together… Cannot even pan the view anymore… Something breaks when I go to the input poses… (I search for the nodes as you can see in the “Find in Blueprints” view

Third Image: And there you have the image of the output pose…

(I can only upload one image…)

As I said… Drag and Drop is not a possible solution… Copy/Past or Cut/Paste is not working…

… I’m at a loss too.

Did you already close/restart the engine and perhaps even reboot the pc?
(That old dark magic)

If that didn’t do anything, try to verify the engine files.

If that also doesn’t work.
Make a new blueprint

If the problem keeps on re-happening, that means you can replicate it, which means that if you film it anyone else can replicate it too.
(As in a good place to file a bug report, if they ever bother answering you)

… and copy past doesn’t work because you can’t really copy those nodes I’d assume?

I try to restart… Will see whether it helps… I have reinstalled Unreal Engine but did not help…

I am on a Mac. Could this be an issue?

Being on a Mac?
Doubt it.
You could try and older engine version too…

Restart did not work.

I am so confused. Why I am the only one experience this? I am pretty sure, that this is a common way of splitting your animation graph so it does not explode…

OK. So I debugged it but no chance. Restart, new unreal version and new project did not help. Not sure what is causing it.

Well the view is kinda broken but I can work around it. I will immediately cache the input poses where ever the input poses spawn in the animation layer and reuse and work with the cache poses close to the output pose.

Edit: Well I have found a workaround that is ok for me. I have created an interface for my animation blueprint that defines all my animation layers with inputs. This way the view does not freak out.

I can totally live with that since I will need an interface anyway.

Thanks for your help even though we did not find the cause of it… Kinda disappointing :slight_smile:

same problem here! did you slove this?

No. The only way was to create an interface with layers and implement it in my blueprint.

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Same issue here.
I found that you can select all nodes, and press Shift+W and Shift+A to line them up so that you can find the input node😂


Sorry for my English.

You can add a new “Input Pose” in your Animations layers, using “New input pose” in details pannel

(Your layer must be selected to watch the button)

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