Animation keyframe reduction LOD

Hey guys,

While playing Paragon I noticed that the little minions and the characters have there keyframes lowered based on distance.
Effectively being animation LODs.

I was wondering if UE4 had a system for this in place already that I do not know about, or whether it is something that was done specifically for Paragon.
If it was done specifically for Paragon, would it be possible to get an example of how it is done?



Did you find an answer yet? I’m curious aswell.

Haven’t found anything in relation to this yet!

There’s an absolute lack of information on this, so I decided to go to all the posts about it and give at least some kind of answer.

On the Skeletal Mesh component in your Character Blueprint (or whatever blueprint has a skeletal mesh) there is, ALL the way at the bottom, under “Optimization” a checkbox called “Enable Update Rate Optimization.”

This would be the keyframe LOD you are looking for. I assume this works, but I only just found it.

How do you adjust the values of it? No idea.

Hope that helps!

Awesome thanks for the info! Ill give it a go some time soon to see if I can get it working.

The tooltip says one should check out the AnimUpdateRateTick() function. If I understand that code correctly, one can customize the behavior by registering a custom C++ function on the OnAnimUpdateRateParamsCreated delegate of the SkinnedMeshComponent, and setting custom parameters on the passed AnimUpdateRateParams variable. Sadly, I don’t think this is exposed to blueprints, so unless one wants to work with C++, one is stuck with the default behavior.

Yes, that is also my understanding. Looks like C++ only at the moment.

Hey guys.
Could you show a screenshot where this option is located?
UE 4.14


If you click on a Skeletal Mesh Component, and scroll down to the section called “Optimization” you will see a checkbox there for “Enable Update Rate Optimization.”


Hi did you ever find more info on “enable update rate optimizations” ? Do you happen to know if anim notifies still fire when its dropping frames? Do you find its worthwhile as a tool?

No, I haven’t really found any additional information on this at this time. This issue was for a prototype that I am currently not working on so I haven’t really revisited it yet.

1 year later, is there any info about using it with blueprint?