Animation Jitter?

I am using animations from the animation starter pack, and character from Fuse Mixamo. When I move, I see ‘jitter’ in the animations. Just curious if I am missing a setting somewhere for smoothing or something. Seems I used Mixamo animations before and this never occurred.

Nobody eh?

Well, had camera attached to a spring arm. Got rid of that an attached directly to socket, most of it is gone.

Can you place a camera and make it active then PlayinEditor and look to is it jittering ?

You mean a camera looking at the character to see if you can see the jitter from that view?

From a different camera, not attached to the head socket, the jitter is not seen, or not noticeable.

Perhaps the physics asset on your skeleton is causing the jittering?

still can not figure this out, rotating character left or right or looking up or down, hands and gun still get jitter or are off a frame. real annoying.

It seems , problem with camera not the animation.

Try to attach camera to anotherwhere not the bone and look is there any jittering

Yeah, I detached the camera from the head socket, get the same thing.