Animation Jitter

Im not really sure why but my hands and my weapon jitter. Doesnt matter if im playing or in a preview like in the video below. When i check the animation in Motionbuilder the jitter doesnt occure. The Jitter also stays if i slow-down the animation. I think it has to do something with the IK setup but im not really sure. I tried it with another animation and the jitter doesn’t occure.

Video: hand/weapon jitter - YouTube

Thank you for helping.

without more info I cant be sure, but some things to check:

if your baking the animation the program might be using horisontal interpolation for each key, open the graph editor, (or whatever its called in motionbuilder, never used it), and see if there is a setting to change this, or set all the keys to “automatic” or something along those lines, so each separate key point interpolates the graph between them. (strange as it might seem most software Iw used, maya and 3dmax for example, does not show this very well in their viewport).

secondly it might have something to do with animation compression, you can find settings for this in the animations asset details inside ue4.

cant say much more without the fbx, good luck.

So after trying things out(including your suggestion) i found out the problem is the aimoffset. If i remove the aimoffset the jitter also disappears. My problem is i need that aimoffset so i’ll see what i can do. Thank you for your help.

Edit: My animation for the aimoffset wasn’t steady…