Animation is only executed by the last placed actor (pawn-instanced seem to be connected)

Hey there!

I’ve got some trouble with my Pawn. It’s an AI controlled pawn. It works fine, if I place only one instance inside my level.
The AI_Controller is setting two(Boolean) BlackBoard-variables. At first sets “PlayerInAttentionCircle” (by sight sensed) if Player is in a range of sight. BT is starting a sequence if condition is true. An Animation (switch Pose) is played an Actors view is following Player. This works on all placed instances perfectly. The animation starts to play and it plays ONLY on the affected instance.

In addition the AI_Controller is setting “PlayerIsInAttackRange” by using RayCasts. Setting the Boolean to true simply works on all placed Objects, but the sequence which should start at this point only starts if I come close to the last placed actor-instance.
On top: If I come close to last placed instance and the animation starts to play, it starts to play on all placed objects.

Someone got an idea what’s going wrong? I’m trying to figure out for some days, but I can’t.

I am so confues, because the check if player is in attention circle works fine on all placed objects. The check if player is in attack range only works on last placed object (doesn’t change anything if I delete the loop decorator).

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Please, someone? Should I use Actor instead?

Okay, I see. An Actor can’t be controlled by AI_Controller, correct?