Animation Improvments

  1. Retarget manager.
  1. improve bones auto-detecting in humanoid rig by names. It’s easy!
  2. add re-retargeting animation option (ex: after changing skeleton base pose)
  3. scaling spine and neck transformation between different number of bones (i.e. 3 spine bones in default UE4 skeleton, four in custom target skeleton).
  4. we need a better way to set a base pose (probably separate retarget manager tool with two meshes overlapping or something similar to Autodesc skeleton rig tool.

For now retarget manager just doesn’t work proper way in many cases. And external animation retargeting tools are real pain, especially for an animation with root motion.

  1. I’d like to have a feature allowing to play animation from start to end in anim blueprint by command. Just like PlaySlotAnimation, but two slots can’t be active at the same time which is inconvenient sometimes.

Yes please. Re-targeting animations is a pain in the neck currently. I also have so many assets where they’ve animated the “Pelvis” bone, and have left the “Root” bone grounded and stationary with no animation. So Unreal only uses the “Root” bone for root motion, and so many of my asset animations simply don’t work because they’re essentialy 1 bone off in the skeleton hierarchy. Being able to specify which bone to use as the “Root” bone would help tremendously.